Group Lead

Trevor Chong Dr Trevor Chong, BMedSc(Hons), MB,BS(Hons), PhD, FRACP Twitter @trevor_chong

Trevor is a neurologist and cognitive neuroscientist, who leads the Cognitive Neurology Laboratory at Monash University. He completed his undergraduate research and medical degrees with Honours at Monash, before undertaking doctoral training at the University of Melbourne and MIT. Upon being admitted to Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, he was awarded an NHMRC Neil Hamilton Fairley Early Career Fellowship, which he took to Oxford. He is currently a Senior Research Fellow and Australian Research Council DECRA Fellow at Monash, and consults at St Vincent's Hospital and Alfred Health in Melbourne.

Current Members

Kelly Atkins Kelly Atkins, Doctor of Psychology Candidate (associate supervisor)

Kelly is currently completing the Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Neuropsychology program at Monash University. In 2014, she completed her Bachelor of Psychology (with Honours) at Monash, and has worked as a clinical research assistant at St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne, assessing cognition after anaesthesia in the elderly. Kelly's current research focuses on the behavioural expression of apathy in Huntington's disease, and how this translates to cognitive functioning and community-based physical activity.
Erika Fortunato Erika Fortunato, Honours Student (associate supervisor)
Ariel Goh Ariel Goh, PhD Candidate

Ariel graduated with a BA with first class Honours in Psychology from the University of Melbourne. Her Honours thesis combined electroencephalography and systems factorial technology to investigate mental architectures in a complex visual search paradigm. Her current research seeks to understand information-seeking behaviour in humans, by using both functional magnetic resonance imaging and computational modelling techniques. Ariel's PhD is co-supervised by Dr Stefan Bode (Melbourne) and Dr Daniel Bennett (Princeton), and was supported by a scholarship from the Rebecca L Cooper Medical Research Foundation.
Huw Jarvis Huw Jarvis, PhD Candidate

Huw received a BMedSc with first class Honours from the University of Tasmania in 2012, and a Masters of Public Health from the University of Melbourne in 2015. His Honours project investigated the role of neurofilament in resisting diffuse axonal injury. Huw’s interest in public health led him to roles in health policy, including internships at the Grattan Institute (Melbourne) and the World Health Organisation headquarters (Geneva). He began his PhD after working in research translation and clinical guideline development at the NHMRC. His current research focuses on how memory systems in the brain enable past experiences to guide decision-making. Huw's PhD has been supported by the Rebecca L Cooper Medical Research Foundation.
Mindaugas Jurgelis Mindaugas Jurgelis, PhD Candidate

Originally from Lithuania, Mindaugas moved to Melbourne after completing a BSc(Hons) in Psychology at Leiden University (The Netherlands), and a MSc in Psychological Research at the University of Oxford (United Kingdom), where he worked in Masud Husain’s Lab developing a computational model of subjective fatigue. Mindaugas' current research focuses on the biological mechanisms of fatigue and motivation. He is interested in understanding how the subjective experience of fatigue emerges; how physical and cognitive performance declines after prolonged exertion; and the mechanisms underlying pathological fatigue in neurological disorders, such as Parkinson’s Disease.
Lauren Kalisch Lauren Kalisch, Honours Student
Bridgitt Shea Bridgitt Shea, PhD Candidate

Bridgitt completed a Bachelor of Science with Honours at Monash University in 2017. Her Honours project investigated how neurophysiological signals of attention and evidence accumulation are modulated by the speed-accuracy trade-off. She began her PhD in 2018, which is focused on understanding neurochemical modulators of perceptual decision-making, using a combination of electrophysiology, genetics and pharmacological interventions. Bridgitt also hold the role of lab social secretary, with a respectful rate of successful outings currently at 95%.
Isabelle Stevenson Isabelle Stevenson, Honours Student

Isabelle is an Arts graduate, with a background in psychology and sociology. This year she is completing her psychology Honours, and is researching the impact of effort on performance. Her other areas of interest are addiction as well as health and performance psychology.
Eleanor Taylor Eleanor Taylor, Doctor of Psychology Candidate (associate supervisor)
Shou-Han Zhou Dr Shou Han Zhou, Research Assistant

Former Members

  • Wei Binh Chong, Masters of Biomedical Science (2018)
  • Sara McGuigan, Honours (2017)
  • Marion Aitchison, Masters of Research (2016)